COVID-19 and ScholarPack

Here you'll find any instructions on how to use features in ScholarPack in relation to the current COVID-19 situation.

We are working hard to optimise the system to help our schools during this time and any additions to the system will be detailed below.

School Closures 

  • The DfE has published guidance on recording attendance. Schools should stop taking their normal attendance register and follow the latest guidance published here.

  • From a ScholarPack perspective, schools should mark the 23rd - 27th March as a school closure (# code). Please click here for guidance on how to do this. 

Key workers and vulnerable pupils 

  • 5 new fields have been added to the Student Profile - "Child of key worker", "Vulnerable child", "On an EHCP during COVID-19", "Has a social worker during COVID-19" and "Attending during COVID-19 closure", " Click here for guidance on how to record this information in ScholarPack. 

  • The new "COVID-19" report has been added so schools can quickly report on the above fields. The fields can also be used when creating a custom report. Click here for more detail. 

  • Key workers, vulnerable children and those attending school during the COVID-19 school closures have been added as a dynamic group. You can use these groups in reports, comms and in the manage register area. 

Communicating with parents  

  • You can send a text message or email to those parents of children who have been recorded as a key worker, vulnerable child or as a child who has been marked as a attending during COVID-19 . Click here for guidance. 

Recording & Managing Pupil Attendance (prior to school closures)  

We have made several updates to help and support schools manage pupil attendance.  

  • The ScholarPack dashboard now shows overall attendance for the last 5 days, including the "Y" code so you can see quickly see the overall % of pupils actually in school. 

  • Teachers can now assign the "Y" code when taking the AM and PM register. Click here for guidance on how to turn this option on. 

  • The "Y" code can now be counted as an absence in the Custom Attendance Report. Click here for guidance on how to use this report. 


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