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How do I manage attendance for Covid absence from September 2021?

Please refer to our article regarding Department for Education guidance on Covid-19 Attendance sub-codes in the 2021 Academic year by clicking HERE. The new ScholarPack sub-categories of Code X are outlined in that document.


X03 and X04 are no longer in use in the 2021 Academic Year.

X09 and X09 are new Covid-19 attendance sub-categories of X.

There is no requirement for children or young people under the age of 18 years and 6 months, regardless of their vaccine status, to self-isolate whilst awaiting the results of their PCR test where they have been a close contact. The X09 code therefore is for students older than 18 years and 6 months. 

Please refer to the DfE guidance here. 

The Covid-19 Attendance Figures Report has been modified to incorporate these codes (for information click here). From Friday 1st October 2021, the education settings status form will move from daily reporting to weekly to reduce the time schools and colleges spend completing it. For more information click here.  This will be kept under review, and should the national situation require, daily reporting may be reinstated.


I can’t log into ScholarPack…help?

If you can’t remember your password please speak to an Administrator at your school. For security purposes we are unable to reset passwords.  

Please be aware usernames and passwords are case sensitive.  

Please also ensure on the login page that your school name shows at the bottom underneath the login box as you may have accidentally logged onto a different site.




Why do I have year 7 (primary/junior schools)/year 3 (infant schools only) students on roll? 

It is possible that the leavers were not off-rolled.  If the year end has been completed you will need to off roll these students manually by going to the extended tab on the student profile and scrolling to the bottom to click off roll for each student.  Alternatively if you still have step 7 of your year end available (at Admin > Year End) there is an option to off-roll students in bulk under the optional tab.   


How do I look at attendance/assessment data historically?

If you wish to look at attendance data for last year (2020-21) you can go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (red tab) > Custom Attendance Report and change the date range to last academic year.  You can then run the report and the student data will show in the year the students are in now (so you will need to select Y1-7 in order to display attendance when they were in Y0-6 the previous year). For example, if a student was in year 6 last year then the attendance data will show under year 7 this year.  If you do not have a year 7 group set on the school this can be added via Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Years, setting this up will allow you to see your off roll students' data. 

Please ensure you select to include former students when running the report if you are wanting to see previous years students who have now left.  


My year 6 (primary/junior schools)/year 2 (infant schools) class has disappeared.

Please go to Admin > Students > Search Not On Roll it may be that these students were accidentally off rolled as part of the year end process.  If this is the case you can click the green reinstate button from this area to add these students back onto your current roll. You will need to amend the entry dates in the extended tab back to the student's original entry date (these can be found on the ancillary tab of the student profile under school history).  You may also want to delete the school history, this can be removed on the ancillary tab by clicking onto the white cog next to school history and clicking delete.


My register is not showing.

It may be that you have a holiday entered on this date.  To amend this please go to Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Holidays.  

If today’s date is entered in any of the holidays this holiday will need to be removed and entered with the first and last date of the holiday e.g. if the holiday ended on 3rd September and the students return on the 4th September the last day of the holiday should be listed as 3rd September.  


My students are not showing in the correct form/year groups.

This may mean that Year End has not been fully completed, you can view this via Admin > Year End.  If Year End is complete please click on Reporting > Reports > Students (blue tab) > Current Form Groups, split the report by year and form and select Choose to check your class lists.  

If these are incorrect you can amend them individually on the extended tab of the student profile.

Alternatively to update the students in bulk please go to Admin > Students > Group Updater, change the year and form to the current year and form the students are assigned to and change the student attribute to either Current Year Group or Current Form Group depending on which needs to be amended.



Why aren’t my meals showing/why can’t I assign meals?

It may be that the meal availability has not yet been set.  To set this please go to Admin > Meals > Set Meal Availability.  Next to any meals you require please click onto assign all year, this will ensure that the meals are available going forward.  If there are any new meal options this academic year they will need to be entered in Admin > Meals > Set Up Meal Types (and then made available for the academic year using the above process).



None of my pupils' meal balances are showing.

If Year End has been completed please go to Admin > Meals > Carry Balance Forward, click Choose at the top, select check all, scroll to the bottom and select update, this will move any credits or debts across to the new year.  If you would like to carry balances forward for off-roll students please repeat the above steps ticking 'include only off roll students' at the top. This will ensure that any credit or debt has been brought forward from the previous year.  


Why are there no meal patterns this year?

Meal patterns are only assigned for one academic year, so you will need to reset them for the 2021 academic year. If you go to Admin > Meals > Bulk Student Lunches, select a Year from the Group dropdown, you can Copy Last Year's Meals at the base of the table. Alternatively you can select 'Assign All Year' for individual students and select their meal option from the Assign dropdown at the base of the table. Meal options may change in year 3 due to the ending of Universal Free School Meals for those students.


The meal payment date is still showing as 2020.

If you go to Admin > Config > Core Set Up > School, the Year Start and Year End dates may still be showing as last year’s dates.  If you amend these to the academic year 2021 dates this will update the meals area.  Please be advised that you should only change these dates if the year end has been completed - if not please go to Admin > Year End to complete Year End.  If you have completed Year End, the dates ought to display as shown:



My registers are correct but the markbooks are showing incorrectly.

When completing the year end process assessment classes are not linked to registration classes (if you use the original assessment module).  To set up the assessment classes for the new year please go to Admin > Classes - here you can view the classes that are currently set up. If your class names have not changed you will still need to remove last year's students from these classes as the children will now be assigned to the incorrect class. Please email with your permission for us to bulk remove the students from these classes. Once this has been completed you can then re-add the students into the correct year group via Admin > Classes > Add Students to Class.  

If your class names have changed you can request via for all classes and students to be removed and we can then refresh this area so that you can set up the correct classes for this year. If your class names have changed you may need to copy these across from forms to groups in Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Groups > Auto fill from Form Groups/Pastoral Groups.

Please be advised that by removing the students or classes this will not remove any data as it is attached to the student not the class.

For further information on setting assessment classes up please see the below guidance:

The teachers can’t see their markbooks.

To assign a teacher to a markbook please go to Admin > Classes > Add Teachers to Class, find the member of staff, select the year required and choose, you can then select the tick box next to any markbooks they need to view.  


A teacher isn’t appearing in Admin > Config > Tutors.

To appear in this area a member of staff will require a ScholarPack logon with the Teacher role assigned. To add this please go to Admin > Personnel > Staff, find the member of staff and on their profile click Create to set up a username and password.  You will need the Admin and Sys Admin user roles to do this. 


I need to change a password for a member of staff/ I need to add a username for a new member of staff.

In order to create a logon for a member of staff on ScholarPack you will need to have the Admin and System Admin roles..  To check your user roles please go to Reporting > Reports > Staff (green tab) > ScholarPack Users.

If you have the Admin and System Admin roles please go to Admin > Personnel > Staff - find the member of staff you require in the dropdown list. Next to the staff member's photograph click Create and you can then assign a username, password and user roles.  In order to amend a password or user roles please click onto change password/roles next to the photograph.

For further information on this area please see the below link:



If you have created or amended a password for a member of staff, they will need to go to Home > My Password in order to set a confidential password. 




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