Administering the phonics screening check for Year 2 students in the 2021 Autumn Term.

Cancellation of the Phonics screening check in June 2021 means the current Year 2 students did not receive the test in Year 1.

In the 2021/22 Academic year it is statutory for schools to administer a past version of the phonics screening check to Year 2 students in the second half of the 2021 Autumn Term, and return results to the Local Authority (LA). 

Year 3 students who were due to take the statutory check in June 2021 (when they were in Year 2) are not formally required to take the Autumn check. Schools are expected to maintain a program of support for these students, but do not need to return phonics data for Year 3 students to the LA. 

Important Dates


All students who reach the age of seven by the end of Academic Year 2021/22 must take the check in the Autumn Term (most students will be in Year 2). There are a few exceptions, which you will find in Section 3.2 of the DfE documentation (click here for more information). 

Schools can choose from the Past Phonics Screening Check Materials used in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (see the DfE guidance for a link to resource materials).  If students have already seen all the past materials available, schools should choose the version that the students are least familiar with or the version that they completed the longest time ago.

Schools can use check materials from different years for pupils in the same cohort, if required.

There is flexibility for schools to decide when the tests are administered within the second half of the 2021 Autumn Term (between the October half term and Christmas). 

The students' Phonic Check results must be submitted to the LA by the end of the 2021 Autumn Term using the following codes: 


In 2017, 2018 and 2019 the threshold mark was 32. Schools and LAs do not need the threshold mark when submitting data as the system will convert the student's score to an outcome (whether they met the expected standard). 

Entering the Data on ScholarPack

In Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment you will find a dropdown for Autumn Term 2021 Phonics Check



A table with all your Year 2 students will appear, who were meant to take the test in the 2020/21 academic year. 

The threshold is 32. Enter the Phonics Mark for each student, then click Update outcomes to fill the Phonics Outcome column. This area autosaves. 


Data from the autumn check will be used by DfE only to determine which eligible students have not met the expected standard in phonics by the end of the 2021 autumn term and are, therefore, expected to take the statutory check in June 2022 (alongside year 1 students).

Headteachers must report student's results to parents in their annual reports. This should include whether their child has met the expected standard to ensure they are aware of their child's progress in developing phonics decoding skills. 

For year 2 students who take the check in autumn 2021 and June 2022, schools must report both results to parents.

Schools can choose to report students’ check results to parents earlier. There is no requirement to provide any interim reports and schools must still include autumn check results in pupils’ annual reports.


SENDING YOUR PHONICS MARKS OFF: Once the phonics results have been entered please click here to see the guidance on exporting a CTF with the data. 




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