How do I delete a student?

If a student has never attended your school and they never will be attending, or if a duplicate record has been created in error you are able to delete the student by going to the student profile (to access this search their name in the top right hand search bar) and then clicking onto the extended tab.  Once here scroll to the bottom and click onto the delete box.  You can add the sum and click delete to remove the student.  Please be advised only those with the Admin role on ScholarPack will be able to action this.  

Please be advised once deleted this information will not be retrievable.  



If you receive an error when deleting the student (as below) you will need to remove any attendance codes (including X codes) assigned to this student. You can do this via Register > Manage Register.  For further information on this area please see the below guidance:

Please be advised we would only suggest deleting a student if it is a duplicate record or if the student never attended your school.  Once deleted information will not be retrievable. 


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