2018 Autumn Census FAQ

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for Autumn Census, or why not refer to our full Autumn Census "user manual", with detailed breakdowns of each area here or please see the below video guidance:

Autumn Census Video

Section 1 - Census Details:

1.1 - When is the Autumn 2018 School Census?

The Autumn Census date is 4th October 2018.

1.2 - What date range is this School Census looking at?

Attendance Data will be collected between 02/04/2018 - 27/05/18 and also the 28/05/18 - 31/07/18

Exclusion Data is collected between 01/01/18 - 01/04/18.

1.3 - I have tried to run my census and I have got a site error - what do I do?

If you receive a ‘site error’ when selecting Admin > Census it is due to a lack of information in the school table. Go to Admin > Config > Core Set Up > School and populate all possible fields.

1.4 - Where can I find further guidance for the Autumn Census?

Please click here for the DfE School Census guidance.

Please click here for ScholarPack guidance.


1.5 - Proficiency in English, Country of Birth and Nationality are no longer collected however I still store them on ScholarPack. Will this cause any problems with the Census?

No, as the Census is no longer looking for these items it will not collect them as part of the Census data so you do not need to worry if you are still storing this information for other purposes.  If you no longer require the information and wish to delete this data you can do so in bulk via Admin > Students > Bulk Data Deletion.  Please be advised once this data is deleted it will not be retrievable.  

Section 2 - Common Errors/Queries

2.1 - Error 1520 : More than one pupil record with the same UPN

This could mean that there is a duplicate student, or that there are two or more students with no UPN at the school.  


2.2 - Query 2070 : Pupil’s class type and year group is incompatible

Class type should be set as ‘Not a Nursery Class’ or ‘Nursery Class’. This can be changed in bulk using the Group Updater (Admin > Students > Group Updater - selecting Class Type as the student attribute).  


2.3 - Error 1875: School lunch taken is missing or invalid

'School lunch taken’ should be recorded for all students in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 on Census day (Thursday 4th October 2018).  To enter this data, go to Admin > Census > Autumn Census > School Lunch Taken. Once morning attendance has been completed you can pre-populate all [present] students as having a lunch that day.  Alternatively, go to each year group and enter whether a meal was taken or not. If this information is not filled in you will also see  Query 1878Q Please check no infant pupils are recorded as having a lunch on census day.  Completing the above steps will resolve this query.  


2.4 - Query 1601Q: Pupils age is out of range for school type. Age 1.

This is looking at the age of the pupil as at 31/08/18 when the pupil may have been 1.  If the student started when they were 2 years old this is just a query and can be annotated on Collect when you upload the census.


2.5 - Error: Query 1767Q: Due to FSM protection we would not expect FSM periods to have an end date.  Please provide a reason.

If a student's FSM period has ended between 18/05/2018 and 04/10/2018 the DfE would like you to annotate when uploading to Collect the reason the student is no longer eligible.  If the FSM period did end during this time you will be unable to remove this query from ScholarPack but will need to annotate this on Collect. 

 Admissions or guest pupils will not show on the Census, provided they have a future entry date - if the summary student numbers are correct you don’t need to worry.  


Section 3 - Census Summary Queries

3.1 - Table 7 - Specific types of pupil on roll - Free School Meals

Eligible for free school meals on Census day is looking at all students who on 4th October 2018 have a current period of free school meal eligibility.

Unique pupils with any period of eligibility for free school meals reported in the current Census (includes those eligible on Census day) is looking at those students who are currently eligible for free school meals on the Census day and also any students who were eligible for free school meals but no longer are since the Summer Census. 




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