Query 2502Q: Please check: zero attendance sessions possible recorded. Pupil should only be recorded with zero sessions possible if dually registered and spent all of the previous term for which attendance data is being collected at other registration.


This query will arise if a student only has a (not counted) X code (or subcategory of X) for the period the Census is looking at (either on roll, or left during the period that absence data is collected). If so, annotate the query on Collect when you upload the census file.

The query will also arise if a dual registered student has attended all sessions the previous term at another school. In this case annotate the query on Collect when you upload the census file. 

In the Spring Census it will also arise when an off-rolled student has a leaving date after the end of previous academic year. In the example above, when you click on Fix Error, it will take you to the student profile's extended tab. Check the leaving date.


A student's leaving date ought to be the last day they have attendance data at the school, or the last day of the school academic year (if something prevented them attending and an alternative code was used for that period).  Check the date to see that it complies with the above. If not, change the date. If you choose to keep this date, on Local Authority guidance, you will need to provide the reason when you upload the census file to Collect.

For the Spring Census 2021, attendance data is taken from the start of the autumn term (from 01-08-2020) to 31-12-2020 (p.111 in the DfE census guidance). 


If the student's leaving date falls in August or early September prior to the start of your academic year, this query will therefore arise, as some attendance codes are expected with the student still on roll at that time. One way to remove this query is to change the leaving date to one in July 2020, within the previous academic year, then recalculate the census. 


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