What is required to participate in the Department for Education (DfE) Attendance API?

The Department for Education (DfE) is piloting an investigation into sending attendance data automatically from the school's management information system (MIS) to the DfE. This will take place via an API link. Click here for further information. 

The information provided by the school will be used to support the goverment's response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. It will not replace the need to complete the daily Educational Setting Status form or affect school census returns.  There will not be any individual or personal data sent using the API.

The DfE will be sent the following data from the morning and afternoon sessions, directly from the register:

  • The total number of students for each absence and attendance code within each year group
  • The total number of students on roll and registered to the school in each year group.

Data will be sent during the school day, and any changes made in the register will automatically be updated for a period of eight days.

In order to provide the Data to the DfE, you will need to select whether you wish to grant consent to the data sharing at Admin > Config > Data Consent. You will require the Admin and System Administrator User Roles on Scholarpack to set this up. 


Here you can select if Consent is Granted or Consent Not Granted, to share your school's attendance data with the DfE. 


To view any data that has been sent using the API, click on View Sent Data. Here you can enter a date range (click on the calendar icon to select a date), and when Choose is clicked you can see the dates that data has been sent. Click View to display the data received by the DfE in the Attendance API.




Click here to read the DfE's guide to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Attendance API.


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