Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA)

The Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) is an age-appropriate assessment of early mathematics and literacy, communication and language. It is to be administered within the first six weeks of a student starting reception. The assessment has two components, each consisting of practical tasks using physical resources. There is an online scoring system for the school to use as the student engages with the tasks. using physical resources.  The RBA has been developed to be an inclusive assessment, accessible to the majority of students on entry to school. It has been designed so that students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and those learning English as an additional language can participate. 
The RBA will be used to create school- level progress measures for primary schools which will show the progress students make from reception until the end of Key Stage 2.
Schools do not need to order standard materials for the assessment. materials are sent to schools based on an estimation of the cohort size, obtained from the Autumn school census data the previous academic year. Schools will receive their assessment materials in June 2021, and if not received by 30 June 2021 they should contact the RBA helpline on 0330 088 4171.
For more information about the RBA please click this link: Reception Baseline Assessment.
The RBA is actioned via a specific Baseline ePortal (BeP), which EYFS and Head Teachers will have access to. The Assessment and Reporting Arrangement document gives details of deadlines for completion. There is no requirement to store data in your Management Information System (MIS) as all data will be entered and stored via the ePortal.  If a Reception pupil transfers in-year, the school will need to add that pupil to the ePortal and complete the Baseline for them within 6 weeks of their start date. The school will have no access to any previous Baseline information from a pupil's former school.
Important Dates for 2021
These dates may be subject to change. Any changes to dates will be communicated to
schools through the The Standards and Testing Agency's (STA) assessment update.
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