My Checkpoints are Locked please help! / How do I remove a Checkpoints Lock


Question - I am getting a message saying that the checkpoints are locked so am unable to enter data please help!

Answer - If you receive this message please go to Admin > Config > Checkpoints Lock in here you should be able to see a table if no table is present and it says Add New - please click here and insert.  If there is a table present please check if a date is present in the checkpoint you are trying to enter data for, if this is in the past please edit the date to a future date and choose. 

If you are still receiving this message please go to Admin > Config > New Assessment Config and check that Lock Checkpoints KS1 + KS2 and Lock Checkpoints EYFS state "No".  

Please note if you do not have Admin access you may need to speak to an Administrator within your school to remove the locks.  

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