Data missing from Student ATF/CTF when importing to ScholarPack.


Admin>Students>Full ATF/CTF Importer



If when trying to import an ATF or CTF to ScholarPack and you experience an error, please check the following:-

  • Is there a number in brackets at the end of the file name i.e. 964583_CTF_964538_001 (1). If you can see there is - remove the brackets and the number and try to import again.
  • Has the previous school entered leaving dates for the student (s)?
  • Is there over-lapping SEN dates for the student (s)?
  • Is there duplicate Free School Meal Dates (FSM)?

If after checking all this and the error persists, please upload the ATF/CTF file into your Secure Upload Area of ScholarPack.



Once you have done this, can you please email or phone 01522 716049 to let us know you have done it and you are having issues. 


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