Issuing new Students with a Temporary UPN

Temporary UPNs are allocated when a school receives a pupil who may already have a
UPN, but the receiving school does not yet know the UPN (for example, a CTF from the
pupil’s previous school has yet to be obtained).

The formula for temporary UPNs is identical to that for permanent UPNs, except that
characters 11-13 are a two-digit serial number plus a letter, rather than a three-digit serial
number, for example, X00180001701A.  Temporary UPNs should be replaced immediately
once the valid UPN is known with the temporary UPN being reported in the ‘former UPN’

Please see the link below, which will explain this in more detail, on page 13.


To view which students have a temporary UPN on ScholarPack, you can go to Reporting > Reports > Student (tab) >Temporary UPNs



You can issue a Permanent UPN to the student on their Student profile's Extended tab, in the School Information area. Place the Temporary UPN in Former UPN, then click on Allocate Permanent UPN.  Scroll down and save at the bottom of the page.




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