How do I enter KS1 Statutory Assessment Results from 2015?


Question - How do I enter Statutory Assessment Results from 2015?

Answer - Please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment. 

From here choose End Of KS1.


As this is Pre 2016 Assessing Without levels, you will need to choose the Grey assessment components from the list as these allow you to enter the old levels. 


Set the Results Date and Year of Result to 2015 > Choose their current Year Group i.e Y6 > click choose. 

Now you will get a list of all the student in that year group and a dropdown box for each assessment component selected > click on each dropdown to enter the mark.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-04_at_10.17.30.png            Screen_Shot_2019-02-04_at_10.17.21.png

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