How do we record accidents to school visitors or parents on the school grounds or on trips?


If you go to Admin>Personnel>Guest Accident Book, click on Add New, you can record the information here.



The Send Internal Email Notification defaults to Yes (but can be toggled to no). It will only be activated to email a nominated staff member if they have a primary email address on their staff profile (Personal Details area), as well as being selected in Admin > Config > Email Notifications to receive such notifications. There is a separate field for Accident Log (student accidents), Staff Accident Log, and Guest Accident Log. 


Send Details needs to be set to Yes, and the information saved in this area. 

If you need to enter an additional Zone (where the accident took place), you can create this at Admin>Config>Incidents.


To run a report on Guest Accidents you head to Reporting>Reports>Staff tab>Guest First Aid



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