How do I find out what my Access Details are for an existing API connection?

For the "soap" API please go to Admin>Config>API Configuration, find the company you need the details for and click "Access Details"

The information shown on this screen is your access details. This will need passing on to the data integrator. In this example, Groupcall.


If you are using "rest" for your API (you will have been emailed a link form your data integrator to access the logon screen as shown below) you will need the following 3 items to populate the required boxes.

Both your scholarpack username and password and your school URL (which can be found via admin>config>api configuration) and clicking the copy to clipboard function located in the green box on the right hand side of the screen.

Note. You must have both the Admin and Sysadmin role in scholarpack to be able to logon.




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