How do I enter Key Stage 1 Teacher Test Statutory Data?

In order to enter key Stage 1 (KS1) statutory assessment data please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment > End of Key Stage 1 (or if you do not have access to Admin and your school has it set up Workspace > Statutory Assessment - for further information on setting this up please click here).

In this area on the left hand side you have the option to select the components you wish to mark against (to select multiple components please hold down the CTRL key or CMD key if you are using a MAC as you are clicking on the components). The components in orange are the Teacher Assessments (for further information on entering this data please click here) and those in green are for Teacher Tests.  If you are entering data for previous years you may need to scroll down further and select the grey components.  


Once the components are selected you should enter the result date and year you wish the marks to be assigned against. Please be advised the result year is the year the students took the test not the academic year.


You then have some options about the table format you require:


  • "For data entry" allows you to enter the KS1 data.
  • "Grid with data" shows the data entered and you then have an option to print the results here if required.
  • "Blank grid" can be used if you wish to print off the table and enter the data manually before entering it on the system.  

Enter the curriculum year that the students are in - in most instances this will be year 2, however if you are entering this for previous years you would select the year the student is in now. 

If you have more than one form group per year you can also choose to view this by class to enter the data separately for each group, if you don't select this it will show the whole year.  

Click onto "show only former students" if you have an off roll student you need to enter data for, this will only show off roll students so you will need to unclick this and click choose again for the on roll students.  

Once you select choose you will have a list of all students in the requested year group and can start entering the data. 

When the data has been entered please ensure to click save at the bottom of the page before navigating away.

How do I scale the KS1 Teacher Test scores?

When entering KS1 Teacher Test scores it is only necessary to enter the raw scores and ScholarPack will do the rest.  To get the most out of ScholarPack in this area when selecting the components please ensure to select all five components of the subject you are entering data for.  The following screenshots show which five components should be selected for each subject for the auto-scale to work:

Once all components show on the screen if you enter the results for Reading Test 1 and Reading Test 2 as shown in the example below, the system will calculate the total.  If you have selected the components as above you will just need to enter data for the first two columns (you can see a key at the bottom of the page to check you are entering the data in the correct component).  If a red background shows this is just to let you know you haven't saved this information yet - you can do this at the bottom of the screen.


Once you have saved these three results for each student, at the top of the table you will have the option to click onto Auto Scale Scores.  Clicking this will complete the Reading Scaled Score and the Reading Outcome automatically.


Please be advised that it is only possible to auto scale scores in the current academic year.  If you are entering historic data this will need to be entered manually.  

The guide to the DfE Scaled Scores is available below:

DfE Tests and Assessments: Key Stage 1

DfE Key Stage 1 2022 - Raw Score to Scaled Score Conversion



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