Pre-key stage standards and how to record these in ScholarPack for Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment?

What are pre-key stage standards in relation to key stage 2 statutory data?

As per the DfE the pre-key stage standards are provided for the statutory assessment of pupils engaged in subject-specific study who are working below the overall standard of the national curriculum tests and teacher assessment frameworks. 

If a pupil has SEND and is working below the pre-key stage standards, their statutory outcome should be reported using P scales 1 to 4.  P Scales 1 to 4 must continue to be used for statutory assessment of pupils not engaged in subject-specific student at the end of key stage 2.

Pupils who are working below the lowest standard in one of the TA frameworks because they cannot communicate in English should be assessed using the pre-key stage standards.  

Please be advised pre-key stage standards are not to be recorded for Science.  

For further information on the pre-key stage standards for KS2 please see the below guidance: 

How are these recorded on ScholarPack?

To enter the pre-key stage standards for KS2 please click here to view the guidance on entering KS2 TA data and you will find the pre-key stage results in the drop downs for the various subjects.



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