How do I enter EYFS Statutory Data?

The Department for Education (DfE) confirmed it will not be mandatory to complete the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) assessment in 2021. There will be no requirement to submit data to the local authority or to confirm whether schools have completed the EYFSP to the DfE. They require providers to use their best endeavours to complete it and provide the information to year 1 teachers and to parents if this is possible. 

For more information please click here for DfE Guidance: EYFS - Coronavirus Disapplications

How do I enter EYFS Statutory Data?

NOTE: If entering EYFS statutory data for previous academic years, please follow this guidance: How do I enter Historic EYFS Statutory Data

In order to enter Early Years Foundation Stage statutory assessment data please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment > Early Years Foundation Stage (If you are an Early Adopter school, you select Early Years Foundation Stage - Early Adopers) . If you do not have access to Admin and your school has it set up please go to Workspace > Statutory Assessment (for further information on setting this up please click here).

In this area on the left hand side you have the option to select the components you wish to mark against (to select multiple components please hold down the CTRL key or CMD key if you are using a MAC as you are clicking on the components).

Once the components are selected you would enter the result date and year you wish the marks to be assigned against.  Please be advised the result year is the year the students took the test not the academic year.


You then have some options about the Table Format you require:


  • For data entry allows you to enter the EYFS data.
  • Grid with data shows the data entered and you then have an option to print the results here if required.
  • Blank grid can be used if you wish to print off the table and fill in the data manually before entering it on the system.  

Enter the curriculum year that the students are in - in most instances this will be 0 or Reception however if you are entering this for previous years you should select the year the student is in now. 

If you have more than one form group per year you can also choose to view this by class to enter the data separately for each group, if you don't select this it will show the whole year.  

Click onto show only former students if you have an off roll student you need to enter data for, this will only show off roll students so you will need to unclick this and click choose again to view or enter data for the on roll students.  

Once you select choose you will have a list of all students in the requested year group and can start entering the data.  In this area you do have two bulk fill options to aid you in entering the data quickly. These BULK FILL options will only work in the current academic year, they do not function when entering historic EYFS data:

Copy internal assessments to statutory EYF (this is not available for the Early Adopter schools at present) - This will mean that if you use ScholarPack assessment and have already filled in EYFS results for CP6 with a mark of ELG 1, 2 or 3 these marks will copy across into statutory assessment.  Please note if a 1, 2 or 3 has not been entered no mark will pull across.  Please also be aware statutory data does not copy across to internal data so if you will be entering the same marks in both areas we would suggest filling in the markbook via My Subjects first if using ScholarPack assessment.

Bulk fill all with no result to EXPECTED - If this is selected any student without a mark will be assigned a 2 "expected", you can then fill in the other results as required.


Once the data has been entered please ensure to save at the bottom of the page before navigating away.

Once the EYFS data has been entered please click here to see the guidance on exporting a CTF with the data.

What results can I enter for EYFS Statutory Data?

When entering EYFS statutory data you have the following options:

1 - Emerging

2 - Expected

3 - Exceeding

A - Would be used where a child:

-  has not been assessed due to long periods of absence, such as a prolonged illness

- has attended the provision for an insufficient amount of time for the teacher to make an adequate assessment before the profile submission deadline 

- has an exemption


For the Early Adopters, the options will be 1, 2 or A (there is no Exceeding mark)

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