How do I enter an opening balance for Staff Meals?


Question - How do I enter an opening balance for Staff Meals?

Answer - In order to set an opening balance for staff meals, you will need to head to Admin > Meals > Staff Meal Payments. If the staff member is in debit, a negative payment needs to be entered. If they are in credit then a standard positive payment is made. Debits will show in red, credits in green.  You may wish to choose an alternative payment type to cash to distinguish this from standard payments. Once the payment is entered, if you click on the amount in the Paid to Date column, you can edit this to add a note to say this is an Opening Balance. This will be useful for your records.


To avoid the figure affecting the meals Banking area, you could choose to enter the amount as a Credit (just as with a Refund with student meals, a staff Credit will not affect the banking area).

E.g. If a staff member was in debt by £10, you can enter a credit (refund) of -10 to give them an outstanding amount of £10 owed.

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