Census - Data on Table 14 or 15


Question - Census - Table 14 or 15

Answer - Attendance Information For The 2019 spring Term (Terms 3 And 4) For All Pupils Aged between 5 and 15 Years As At 31/08/2018 [Not For: Nursery Schools].

To check data in this table, head to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Custom Attendance Report, enter the attendance date range for this particular census (e.g. Summer Census: 01/01/2019-21/04/2019), select to exclude students under 5 years on 31/08/2018 then group by Student to bring up the student names. For Persistent Absence, enter a 1 in the search cell for that column then press return, to show all students with Persistent Absence.
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