Clubs and Year End on ScholarPack


Before Year End

If you are using the clubs module within ScholarPack at the end of the year before Year End is completed we would suggest printing off the creditors/debtors report.  To do this please go to Admin > Config > Clubs (or Workspace > Clubs) > Reports > Creditors & Debtors.


In the filters you can select to show creditors, debtors or both and then choose.  This will then list the students with their total credit/ debt.  You may wish to run this report a club at a time to view the club that is causing the credit/debt of the student.


Please be advised that clubs credits/debts cannot be carried over into next years clubs so we would suggest keeping records of the students in debt.  You could also print off the single student club activity report found in this area for those students for further information on clubs attended and payments made. 


After Year End

After Year End is complete we would suggest ending all clubs and creating new clubs for September.  You can do this in one of two ways.  To create a brand new club please go to Admin > Config > Clubs (Workspace > Clubs) > Add a Club.



Alternatively if you wish to clone a club you are running currently please click onto Manage Clubs in this area and select copy existing club at the top.



Once you select the club you wish to copy and click onto copy club you will then have the option of the data you wish to copy across.


You can amend the club name here for the new year, for example Fencing Autumn 2019, and then choose which other data items you wish to copy.  For example if the club will have completely different students but will be on the same day as the current club then you can untick the student allocation but ensure that timetable is selected.  Please ensure to amend the start date of the club.  

When ready click onto Copy Club and you can then amend any information as required and save at the bottom to save the club.


Please be advised you will not be able to create clubs for the new academic year until the Year End is complete on ScholarPack.

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