We had a student who took the statutory phonics test with us however they have left the school now, how do we enter this information on ScholarPack?


To enter statutory phonics results for an off roll student please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment > End of KS1.  In this area select the first two green components that say phonics (to select more than one please hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard (CMD key if using a MAC), enter the curriculum year of the student, click to show only former students and choose.


This will list all former students on your system in this year group, enter the phonics result for the student required and save at the bottom.


When producing the CTF for phonics via Admin > Students > Export CTF (for further information on this please click here).  Please ensure to tick to include 2018 leavers.  This will show all leavers in red, when creating the file click onto select the leaver you wish to send the data for as well as the current students before generating the file.



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