Editing Part-time (P-Codes) for Staff Members

To edit P codes entered for part-time staff members go to Admin / Personnel / Manage Staff Attendance. 


Enter the date range to view staff attendances (please be aware that this can only be done for a 4-week period at a time).


Note: If you have been asked to review P-codes for specific staff members by ScholarPack, please see your school's relevant CSV file to get the date range you need to view (this should be located in Admin / Secure Upload). You will still need to look at a 4-week period at a time.

After you have selected a date range click 'View Register'. If any of the P-codes need to be changed to another attendance code, click the code and then select another option from the dropdown menu.


If you would prefer to replace the P-codes with blank spaces, ensure that only the relevant staff member(s) are selected with the checkbox on the right hand side and then click 'Remove codes from...' at the bottom (you will need to fill in the security question in order to authorise this).




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