How do we record data for the School-Led Tutoring Programme and report on it?

The Department for Education (DfE) is providing ring-fenced grant funding directly to schools to support provision of school-led tutoring, in the academic year 2021/22. This data will be collected termly, starting from the October Census 2021, for students aged 5-15 years (as at 31-08-2021), in academic years 1-11 (early years students are not eligible). 

The funding amount that schools receive will be proportionate to the number of Pupil Premium students on roll. For guidance on this funding, click here.

On a student profile's extended tab, in the Covid-19 Information section, you can record who is in receipt of this tutoring, and the total number of hours they receive in the academic year to date. 


The Total Hours received is to be entered in half hour increments (0.5). The School Census will be extracting the data for all those students in receipt of the tutoring, as well as the hours received to date. 

Note: Do not record a pupil as in receipt until school-led tutoring sessions have begun, as this will result in a Census query.

The flag should not be removed once the period of school-led tutoring has been completed. 

To report on which students are receiving School-Led Tutoring, and the number of hours received to date, go to Reporting > Reports > Student tab > School Led Tutoring:


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