COVID-19 - How to add students on ScholarPack as guest students if you are operating as a hub school


If you are operating as a hub school and need to record details for students who do not usually attend your school you can add these to ScholarPack as guest students.

To do this add the student to ScholarPack via CTF in Admin > Students > Full ATF/CTF Importer. When the student record has been added refresh your screen, then go to the student profile using the student search in the top right. You can set Enrol Status as Guest on the extended tab. This is found the the green school information heading:


When adding a student manually in Admin > Students > Add Student Manually, you can enter the Enrol Status as Guest here. 


Recording a student with an Enrol Status of Guest will ensure they are not included in future Census submissions, but they will be available in Admin >Comms for communication purposes.

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