COVID-19 - How to mark the school as closed from 23/03/2020

The DfE has published guidance on recording attendance. Schools should stop taking their normal attendance register in ScholarPack and instead complete the spreadsheet and form published here.

From a ScholarPack perspective, schools should mark the 23rd - 27th March* as a school closure which will then populate the registers with the # code.

Go to Admin > Config > Core Setup > Holidays 


Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the details as follows: 

Holiday: Other
Start Date: 23/03/2020
End Date: 27/03/2020


Click Screen_Shot_2020-03-22_at_16.49.23.png ("Add Holiday") The # code will now be automatically added for all pupils. Teachers will no longer be able to access the register from Home > Register. 

*Note - This guide assumes that your last day of term will be the 27th March, if this is not the case in your school please adjust the time period accordingly. This same process can be followed should schools be closed after the Easter holidays. 


If you use the ScholarPack meals module, you may also need to remove meal allocations for the week. Please click here for details on how to do this. 

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