Persistent Absence Report Threshold

The Persistent Absence reports are set by default to exclude any students with an attendance percentage of above 90%.



For this reason, any percentage of attendance that is exactly 90% and below will be displayed by the report.



As soon as a student goes above 90%, they won't be considered persistently absent according to the threshold set by the DfE.

If you wish to run a report that also includes above 90% attendance students, this can done by running the Custom Attendance Report.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 12.18.06.png


The threshold for persistent absence in this report is set to 90% as a default:

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 12.18.43.png


The report displays statistics for all students (or whatever students you have chosen from the selection table), but those with an attendance of 90% or less will display a value in the Persistent Absence column on the far right of the report.

If you have chosen to group by students, this value will be '1' for count, and '100.00' for %, as a student either is or isn't persistently absent. To find a basic list of all students who are Persistently Absent, you can filter the report by typing 1 in the white filter box in the count column, and then pressing enter.

Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_14.11.47.png                       Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_14.12.00.png


If you have chosen to group by any other selection, the values for count and % will be different, as it will calculate how many students within that specific cohort are persistently absent.


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