For Reference - Recording Additional Covid-19 Data on Students


This article outlines past guidance from Scholarpack for recording additional information on student circumstances during the Corona Virus outbreak. This guidance is to be used for your reference.

Added 13:24 on 22/05/2020

We have added a number of additional fields in ScholarPack specific to the COVID-19 school closures: 

  • Child of key worker during COVID-19*
  • Vulnerable child during COVID-19
  • On an EHCP during COVID-19
  • Has a social worker during COVID-19
  • Attending during COVID-19 closure
  • Temporary Free School Meals during COVID-19
  • Covid-19 Bubble

To add this data navigate to the student profile (using the search option in the top right hand corner of ScholarPack) > click on the "Extended" tab

At the top of this page, you will see the additional fields: 


All fields are defaulted to "No". Please amend data as necessary and click "Save". 

Note - the "On an EHCP during COVID-19" field needs to be manually updated. It does not auto-populate if EHCP information is recorded in the "Support" tab of the student profile.  

To enter "Temporary FSM during COVID-19", add a FSM start date on the Extended Tab in the usual way, and from a dropdown select the eligibility criteria.

You can also update these fields in bulk using the group updater by going to Admin > Students > Group Updater. 

You can report on these fields in the COVID-19 report. 

Children of key workers, vulnerable children, those attending school during the COVID-19 school closures and those Eligible for FSM have been added as additional dynamic groups. You can use these groups in reports and comms. 

To do this go to the student profile using the search option in the top right of ScholarPack and click the extended tab. At the top of this area you will see a heading for Covid-19 information.


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