COVID-19 - Recording additional data for students


**This guidance was updated at 1324, 22/05/2020**

We have added a number of additional fields in ScholarPack specific to the COVID-19 school closures: 

  • Child of key worker during COVID-19*
  • Vulnerable child during COVID-19
  • On an EHCP during COVID-19
  • Has a social worker during COVID-19
  • Attending during COVID-19 closure
  • Temporary Free School Meals during COVID-19
  • Covid-19 Bubble
    • Covid-19 Bubble documentation is covered at length here 

To add this data navigate to the student profile (using the search option in the top right hand corner of ScholarPack) > click on the "Extended" tab

At the top of this page, you will see the additional fields: 


All fields are defaulted to "No". Please amend data as necessary and click "Save"

Note - the "On an EHCP during COVID-19" field needs to be manually updated. It does not auto-populate if EHCP information is recorded in the "Support" tab of the student profile.  

To enter "Temporary FSM during COVID-19", add a FSM start date on the Extended Tab in the usual way, and from a dropdown select the eligibility criteria. Click here for further information on this new criteria.

You can also update these fields in bulk using the group updater by going to Admin > Students > Group Updater. 

You can report on these fields in the new COVID-19 report. Click here for more detail. 

Children of key workers, vulnerable children, those attending school during the COVID-19 school closures and those Eligible for FSM have been added as additional dynamic groups. You can use these groups in reports and comms. 




*If you need further guidance on which students should be recorded as children of key workers please see the following DfE guidance:

To do this go to the student profile using the search option in the top right of ScholarPack and click the extended tab. At the top of this area you will see a heading for Covid-19 information.


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