Remote Learning Attendance

This feature enables schools to track whether a student has attended an online lesson that day. The basic principle is that, once setup, when a child has an attendance code entered for that day (either present or absent from school), you are then able to populate a remote learning field which highlights absence or presence for a remote teaching session, which can then be reported on to assist the school.                                                                       

1. Setup

To add the feature to the registers, go to Admin > Config > Register Config.


Click on Edit, and change 'Show Remote Learning' to Yes, then click Update at the bottom to save the feature.


You can configure the options for recording remote learning at Admin > Config > Remote Learning Options


Here, you can rename either Absent or Present to a word of choice, by clicking on Edit. You can also Deactivate an option (e.g. if you only wish to record those present or absent), and you can delete an option (only if the option has never been used previously). You can also add a new option, to add to the dropdown list in the remote learning register.


2. In Use

Once set up, when teachers go to Home > Register to take the register a new column is available to record the Remote Learning Status. An attendance code will first need to be entered in the Attendance Code column (either a present code if attending school in person, or an absent code, e.g. X), then teachers can record Present or Absent in the Remote Learning Status column for the online learning session, in both AM and PM registers. 




3. Reporting

Attendance in Remote Learning Sessions can be reported on via Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Remote Learning 


This report has search filters and will show:

  • Numbers who are present physically in school
  • Numbers who are absent from the Remote Learning session
  • Numbers who are present in the Remote Learning session
  • Numbers of other children who are absent (those not present in school, but not recorded as present or absent from the Remote Learning session)

Keyworker or vulnerable students who are present in school and also attending the remote learning session, will be counted in both columns. 



By clicking on a number in a cell, a list of names pops up, available for export:


4. Remote Learning Management

Once the register is completed in step 2 above, you can also manage data. This can be actioned via Workspace > Remote Learning (accessible for those with Teacher, Admin or Student Admin user roles).


Here you can make changes to previously entered data (changing or deleting the selection) or input data at a later date for both AM and PM remote learning sessions. 




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