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This article outlines past guidance from Scholarpack for setting up and using Covid-19 Teaching Bubbles and is to be used for your reference.

Following the government announcement that schools may open to R, Y1 and Y6 students on the 1st June 2020, we have released functionality that allows students to be divided up into 'teaching bubbles'. This will allow you to take registers for these Bubbles, send SMS or emails to specific groups of parents and run reports. 

NOTE: We do NOT recommend you change any existing year or form groupings. You should instead use the teaching bubbles to divide students into their temporary teaching groups. 

You can watch our video or look below for how to use these Bubble features:


Setting up COVID-19 Bubbles

Please note that ScholarPack is designed to work with Google Chrome Browser and the below steps do not work in Internet Explorer.

Go to Admin > Config > COVID-19 Bubble Config 




Click 'Add New' to add a new group. Enter the name of the group in the pop up window and click 'Add.' 


NOTE: once students have been added to a bubble (see next step) the groups cannot be deleted. 

Repeat and add as many groups as necessary. You can come back and add more groups here at a later date, should any additional year groups come back into school. 


Adding students to a COVID-19 Bubble

Go to Admin > Students > Group Updater 

Select the relevant year group/form from the drop down menus and select 'COVID-19 Bubble' from the Student Attribute drop down menu: 


Select the relevant COVID-19 Bubble group from the drop down menu, and in the 'Select' column, tick all students that will be part of this group. 


Click 'Update Students' at the bottom of the screen to save the group. 

Repeat for all teaching bubbles. 

You can also add this information via the Extended tab on the student profile.


Each student can belong to one teaching bubble at any given time. The same student cannot be added to multiple bubbles.


REMOVING A STUDENT FROM A BUBBLE: On the student profile's extended tab, select the blank space at the top of the bubble groups in the COVID-19 Bubble dropdown, then click on Save. You cannot remove a student from a Bubble in Group Updater.



Taking the register

Go to Home > Register 

You will see a new section called 'COVID-19 Registers'. Here you can select any of the teaching bubbles you have created and you can take the register for this specific group. This replaces your normal Form or Year Group register. 

Select the relevant group and click 'View'. 



Take the register and clickmceclip4.png

Alternatively, you can use Register > Manager Register and select the relevant teaching bubble from the 'Dynamic Group' drop down menu. 

To help you configure the register to show all DfE codes, please see: Register Config



Daily Check and teaching bubbles

Once the register has been taken in Home > Register, you can see it has been taken in Register > Daily Check.

Note: A register time taken will not be available


If the register has not been taken in Home > Register it will record 'No codes' (check Manage Register to see if the register was taken in this area instead).  If the register has been taken you will see the number of students present out of the number of total students in the bubble (e.g. 6 of 8 in the example above, to record six students are present out of the total Bubble number of eight students). Check the authorised and unauthorised absence codes in Daily Check to see if any N codes need amending. 


Blank Student Register and teaching bubbles 

In Reporting > Reports >Attendance (tab) > Blank Student Register  you will find the Covid Bubbles have been added as an additional option. If you click COVID-19 Bubble prior to clicking Choose, you will be able to view the blank register by Bubble group (for downloading and printing). 


Meals Reports and teaching bubbles

In Admin > Meals a number of Meals Reports can be split by COVID-19 Bubble, on the right side of the report (see below):



Reporting on teaching bubbles

As soon as a teaching bubble is created, a dynamic group will automatically be added to ScholarPack for you. You can then choose to run a majority of reports in ScholarPack based on a specific teaching bubble. 


Sending SMS/email to teaching bubbles 

Go to Admin > Comms 

Select the teaching bubble(s) you wish to send a communication to by clicking on Dynamic Group and then clicking on the relevant teaching bubble(s).

For information on sending communications, please see: Using the Comms module for sending Emails, SMS/App messages and Letters


Fire lists for teaching bubbles

Go to Home > Bubble Fire List > AM or PM 

A PDF download will show a page per bubble, showing all students that are present in school. 


Deleting old Bubbles

If you delete a Covid Bubble or change the Bubble a student is in, their attendance and any attainment data will stay on the Student Profile.


Update 17/08/2020

All current students can be removed in bulk from Covid-19 Bubbles in Group Updater. 

If you go to Admin > Students >Group Updater, select Covid-19 Bubble as the student attribute, then click 'Choose'.

From the dropdown above the student table, select 'No Group'.

Any selected students (Check All or individually tick them) will then be removed from a Bubble once 'Update Students' is clicked at the base of the student table.

Once a Bubble has no students in it, you can delete the Bubble in Admin > Config > Covid-19 Bubble Config.

Select Edit next to the Bubble name, then click Delete. 

Only Bubbles empty of students can be deleted.

NOTE: if you require former students to be removed from the Bubbles, please contact your Support Team -

  • If your school is supported by Scholarpack directly, click the 'Contact Us' button in the top right of the Help Centre
  • If your school uses a Support Partner, please contact them. Click their name in the top right of your Scholarpack above the search box, for their contact details.


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