Adding New Students Manually

You may have students that join your school partway through the year or students who you were not expecting to join you in September. In this article, you can see how you should add new students to your ScholarPack site partway through the year.

You wouldn't add them from the usual Admissions area. For more information on adding Admission students please refer to: Add Admissions Students to ScholarPack

When adding students onto the system you have two options:

  • add a student manually when you have not yet received a CTF file from a previous school.
  • import the student details from a CTF (Common Transfer File)

Add using a CTF

Follow the instructions here: Importing Student CTFs

Manually add a student

To add a student manually go to Admin > Students > Add Student Manually

Enter the student information into the empty fields and select Add Student.

When you add the students date of birth, you will be shown the students age (years/months/days) and the year will automatically populated with their expected year group. 

The UPN is the Unique Pupil Number and a student is allocated this when they first start school. It should then stay with them throughout their time in school even if they relocate to a different school. If the student is starting education for the first time, you can allocate them a UPN. You can then click on Validate UPN and a box will appear on your screen indicating whether the UPN is valid.

If the student has a UPN from a previous school but you are currently unaware of this, you can allocate them a temporary UPN until you receive their permanent one.

add student.png

For students with a future entry date, simply add them as you would normally and put their entry date as needed.  The student will be seen in the student search bar with a label identifying them as a future student. 

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