Adding Students Manually


When adding students onto the system you have two options, you can add a student manually or import the student from a CTF (Common Transfer File). To import the student using a CTF please view the Full CTF Importer article.

You can add a student manually when you have not yet received a CTF file from a previous school. To add a student please enter the information into the empty fields and select Add Student. When you add the students date of birth, you will be shown the students age (years/months/days) and the year will automatically populated with their expected year group. 

The UPN is the Unique Pupil Number and a student is allocated this when they first start school. It should then stay with them throughout their time in school even if they relocate to a different school. If the student is starting education for the first time, you can allocate them a UPN. You can then click on Validate UPN and a box will appear on your screen indicating whether the UPN is valid.

If the student has a UPN from a previous school but you are currently unaware of this, you can allocate them a temporary UPN until you receive their permanent one.

For students with a future entry date, simply add them as you would normally and put their entry date as needed.  The student will be seen in the student search bar with a label identifying them as a future student. 


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