Setup Classes for Teacher Assessments

Once classes have been created, you will be able to assign teachers and students to these groups in order to input pupil assessment data throughout the academic year. 


The Classes module can be found via Admin > Classes and allows you to set up teaching classes in order to create markbooks for assessment recording in ScholarPack.

Creating Classes

The classes can be set up by Year, Group, Set  and also Subject - the combination is customisable.


The Year can be either selected singularly or there is the option to choose all years but exclude Reception and Nursery pupils as they will be taking the Early Years Foundation Stage Subject.

It is not possible to use All Years with All Forms, one or the other will be sufficient to apply a subject to multiple groups.

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Group refers to forms/classes and can be used in conjunction with Year but not with Sets - you will note that the Sets option disappears once Year and Group has been selected.

Like Years the forms can be selected singularly or All Forms can be an option if you require markbooks to be created for core subjects for all groups.

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Sets can be used to define groups of children if they are at different levels of achievement or if there are too many students in a class and it needs dividing up.

Sets can be used in conjunction with Year but not Group.  There is the option to choose singular sets or up to 3 sets in one go.

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Subject shows all subjects selected from the Admin > Config > Subjects set up.  

As with other menus, subjects can be selected singularly or there is an option to select core subjects in a one click selection.

Once your selections have been made from all the drop down lists then all you need to do is click the Add New Class button.  

Repeat the process until all classes are set up.

Please Note: If you have students from multiple year groups in the same class you will need to manage your classes differently. Instead of creating subjects for multiple year groups you will need to just input the subject once for the lowest year group in the class.

For Example: If years 1 & 2 (KS1) share the same class you will only need to create the subject once in the lowest year (in this case year 1).


Add Students to a Class

Click on the Add Students to Class tab.  

The years available and the forms available can be ticked to make a selection.  

If two year groups are sharing one class then select both year groups and tick the class to link. 

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If you wish all subjects to be linked to the student(s) then click the Check All box.

When selected years, groups and classes are selected, your chosen students will appear.  

You can either tick individually or choose the Check All box  to link all students to the selected class(es).

If you make a mistake then click on the Red X or Remove All for more than one item to be deleted.

When you are happy with your selection, click on the Save Classes button at the bottom of the screen. The classes will then show in the box next to the student's name.

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Adding Teachers to Classes

Once a class has been created you need to assign a teacher to that class to allow the markbook to appear in their My Subjects area.

To do this you will need to click on the Add Teachers to Class tab.

You will be presented with a drop down list of teachers and a drop down list of year groups.

Select the teacher concerned and then select the year group that the teacher is linked to. Click the Choose button.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 15.09.51.png

A list of classes that have been created for that year group will appear, tick the subjects/classes that the teacher will be taking.

You will notice that once clicked the class disappears from the list and appears at the bottom with all classes assigned to the teacher.

If you make a mistake, click the Red X and it will appear back in the subjects available list.

There is no 'Save' button as selections will auto save for you.

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