Adding a UPN to Student Profile

Temporary UPNs are allocated when a school receives a pupil who may already have a UPN, but the receiving school does not yet know the UPN (for example, a CTF from the pupil’s previous school has yet to be obtained).

The formula for temporary UPNs is identical to that for permanent UPNs, except that characters 11-13 are a two-digit serial number plus a letter, rather than a three-digit serial number, for example, X00180001701A.  

Please refer to the Department for Education (DfE) guidance regarding issuing of permanent and temporary UPNs): Unique Pupil Numbers (UPNs): a guide for schools and local authorities


You can issue either a Temporary or Permanent UPN to a student via their Student profile's Extended tab, in the School Information area.

Click either 'Allocate temporary UPN' or 'Allocate permanent UPN'

When updating from a Temporary UPN to a Permanent UPN, place the Temporary UPN in 'Former UPN', then click on Allocate Permanent UPN. 

Scroll down and save at the bottom of the page.



I get an error message when I try to save the UPN

The most common error message which arises when entering a UPN on a student profile is that there are too many, or too few, characters. Please check you have entered the UPN correctly, if provided by another school, or ask them to resend the UPN if the error has been at their end.

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