Custom Staff Fields

Custom Staff Fields allows you to add additional fields to the staff profile where you can record information.  You can access this via Admin > Config > Custom Staff Fields.

You will have the option to Add New or Edit an existing data collection field. You can enter a field type and a field name then click Update. To remove an entry select Edit and Delete.



Once entered, these fields will appear on the main page of the staff profile, if you click on the wording Personal Details it expands out and you will find the custom field at the bottom for data entry or viewing.


Enter the data and then click on the green tick to save.


You can report on these Custom Fields via the Staff Custom Report (Reporting > Reports > Staff tab > Custom Report). Tick the box that says Custom Fields prior to running the report.


A column will be visible to display the information, which can be filtered by entering text at the top of the column. 


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