A student lives half the time with each parent, how do I record both addresses?

You can record an alternate address for a student within the Address area of the student's profile. Navigate to the required Student Profile by typing their name in the search box (found in the top-right corner of every ScholarPack page). Then hit Enter on your keyboard, or select the correct student name from the dropdown menu that will appear as you begin typing:


Once the student's profile has loaded, click on the cog next to Address area, found about mid-way down the left-hand side of the page:


In the Editing Student Address box that pops up, click the Add Alternate Address button:


When adding the new address, you can search for the full address just by postcode, or you can enter all of the details manually by clicking Skip. Before saving the new address, you may wish to check whether the new address needs to be copied over to any linked siblings. Use the sibling tick boxes at the bottom of the interface, if so. Click Save when you're happy with all of the details:


When saved, you will be retuned to the Student Profile overview. Click on the Address cog again to see both addresses are now saved for the student:


Note that you can now edit both addresses, switch the current (primary) and alternate addresses around (and do the same for any linked siblings using the tick boxes below the button), or you can simply delete the alternate address.

If the student has previous addresses in their address history, you will find a summary at the very bottom of the Editing Student Address interface. You will also see the option to hide any of those previous addresses next to each entry by toggling the individual hide settings.

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