Adding and Editing Pay Spine Points

If you have the Human Resources (HR) user role on ScholarPack, you can generate Staff Pay Spine Points  at Admin > Personnel > Pay Spine Points.

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This feature allows you to generate Pay Spine Points, give each Spine Point a salary value and if need be rename the Pay Spine Point.  Once set, these are then available to set against a member of staff's contract and if you have set a monetary value against the pay spine, this will automatically populate the base pay of a staff contract.

Please note: Changing a spine point will not automatically update the base pay if a base pay has already been assigned. 

Once you have selected the icon, you are able to edit or add a new spine level.

The Edit function allows you to change the Spine Point code (e.g. M3), the Description and the Pay Amount. After new details have been entered, click Update to save.

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You can also create a new Spine Point by clicking on green Add New button at the top of the page.

Note: Spine Point Codes are unique, you must not have two the same. If you have two with the same value then the contract will be duplicated on the staff profile. 

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The Bulk Edit allows you to apply any changes made to either the Pay Amount or the Pay Spine Code or Description to existing staff contracts. It also allows you to apply a percentage increase to all pay amounts.

These can then be used in a staff contract.

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