Adding Staff Training Courses

Admin > Personnel > Training Courses

ScholarPack allows you to set up and edit courses for personnel using the Training Courses module. Once the training courses have been added to the database, they become available to choose in the training section of the staff profile. You will need staff contracts on ScholarPack in order for courses to pull through to the training section.

For existing courses, you can allocate all courses to all staff or allocate selected courses to all staff members by using the tick box on the left hand side and the select buttons at the top of the table. 

Clicking Add New will allow you to enter a new training course title.  It will also allow you to describe the course content, training provider and content and which members of staff have been allocated the course.  

NOTE: Please enter a Title for the Training Course prior to saving, or it will save as blank and you will not be able to identify the course to assign to staff.  At this stage you are not recording that the course has been attended and completed.  

You can also Edit or Delete any course which has been previously entered, select Save to record your changes.

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