Student Profile - Ancillary Tab

The Ancillary Tab of a student profile contains additional information on students

Student Profile > Ancillary (Tab)


1. Accidents and First Aid

This area allows you to record any accidents and first aid incidents related to this student.  This will then appear in a summary table where it can be deleted or edited at any time.


2. Student Documents

If you have documents relevant to a particular student stored on your computer, you can upload them in this section by clicking on "upload".

Once uploaded, the documents will be stored securely on Scholarpack so that you can access them from any computer.  The red cross allows you to delete the document. 


3. International

The 'International' section is useful for recording international student's VISA and passport details. Click onto the white cog to add information.


4. School History

The 'School History' section contains details of current and previous schools, with dates for entry and leaving, school name and LEA and Establishment number if recorded.

School History is included in most CTF's, which when imported into Scholarpack will populate in this area.


5. Clubs

The clubs area allows you to see any clubs attended by the student.



Clubs Guide


6. Dietary Requirements

This area allows you to record any dietary requirements a student may have.  

The main page will show a grid where you can amend any dietary selections made and change the cross to a tick as required.


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