Assessment and Year End on ScholarPack


ScholarPack has two assessment modules: STEPS Assessments and Simple Assessments

NOTE: Most of the guidance 'Before Year End' applies to STEPS Assessments.  In Simple Assessments, if you are using Formative assessments alongside Simple Assessments, you will need to enter formative assessment data prior to completing Year End. After Year End is completed you will need to arrange students into new Formative assessment classes.

Actions: Before Year End

Steps Assessment & Simple Assessment: Statutory Assessment Reports to Parents

Once you have entered all Statutory Assessment data into ScholarPack it is advised to run the Statutory Assessment Reports to Parents for EYFS, End of KS1, end of KS2, Phonics and the MTC. You will find these at Reporting > Assessment > Statutory Assessment (tab)

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Simple Assessment: Enter all Formative Assessment marks 

If you are using Formative Statements alongside Simple Assessments, using the classes set up in Admin > Classes, and individual markbooks within My Subjects, you will need to enter all marks for the academic year prior to completing Year End.

You will not be able to retrospectively enter formative marks once you are set up for the new academic year. 


STEPS Assessment: Enter all Summative, Formative and Custom Assessment marks

Please ensure that all Teachers have entered all SummativeFormative and Custom Assessment data via My Subjects before the Year End process is complete. 

Once the Year End has been finalised,  it is not possible to enter Formative or Custom Assessment data for the academic year 2021/22. Summative data can only be added after Year End via Admin > Students > Assessment Checkpoints (pink flag) for the previous academic year.


Once Year End is completed your system is set up for the new academic year.

If a Teacher tries to enter data via My Subjects after Year End this may appear in checkpoint 6 of the next academic year.  


Actions: After Year End

Simple Assessment:  Copy CP6 to Baseline (optional)

In Admin > Year End on Step 7 there will be a link to the Simple Assessment markbook (My Subjects > Simple Assessment Markbook) to enable you to copy the last checkpoint data  entered in Academic Year 2021 into Baseline for the 2022 academic year (if your assessment system is configured to have a Baseline checkpoint).  Students will already be displaying in their new form and year group for September in the markbook, as you have promoted them during Year End.

Choose the Assessment scheme, the subjects and academic year groups, select Baseline as the Checkpoint then you can bulk 'Fill gaps' with 'Copy previous checkpoint' for all students in each subject. It will bulk fill the last checkpoint data you entered into ScholarPack the previous academic year. 



You cannot copy marks between different Assessment Schemes. This means you cannot copy CP6 (or SUM2) from the EYFS Assessments into Key Stage 1 Baseline. This data will need to be manually input.

Simple Assessment: Add student assessment targets

In the Simple Assessment markbook you can assign the student targets by selecting the assessment scheme, subjects and year group (students will all have been rolled up to their 2022/23 academic year group). The  Academic Year will default to 2022. Targets are found under the Checkpoint drop-down. 


Simple Assessment: Formative Assessment Classes (if used)

If you are using Formative Assessments alongside Simple Assessments, you will need to ensure the assessment Classes are set up with the correct students for the new academic year (as they will not automatically be promoted in the Admin > Classes area of ScholarPack). You will need to remove last year's students from each class and then add the new students (and staff) to each formative assessment class.


STEPS Assessment: Remove students from last year's assessment classes

Once Year End is complete you have some optional tasks you may wish to action (these can be found on step 7 of Year End):

Registration classes (forms) and assessment classes are not linked on ScholarPack.  For Year End you will have created your new registration classes however you will still need to do this for assessment (as students will still be in last year's classes).  This option allows you to delete all students out of the current classes so that you can add the students into the correct classes via Admin > Classes.  For further information on re-adding the classes please click here.  If any teachers have changed classes you may also wish to check they are assigned to the correct assessment classes via Admin > Class > Add Teachers to class.  For further information on this area please click here.  

If your form names have completely changed in the new academic year, you may wish to remove the assessment classes completely from your system and create as new. If you wish for that to be done, please email

STEPS Assessment: Create the new academic year's assessment classes

If you have requested that all classes are deleted from the Ad,on > Classes area you may need to recreate the classes in order to assign the students/staff to them.  For further information on this please click here.

STEPS Assessment: Add student assessment targets

If you are wishing to use the Tracker reports it is necessary to set targets yearly.  If the student is in the same key stage as last year and you used targets last year the students End of Key Stage Targets will still be present however the End of Year Targets will need to be added.  For further information on inputting targets please click here.  

STEPS Assessment: Copy CP6 to BL (optional)

In ScholarPack checkpoint 6 (or summer 2) isn't automatically copied across to baseline so if you do wish this to be done click onto this area in Admin > Year End on step 7 to action this.  Alternatively teachers can add the baselines manually in each markbook, once Year End is complete and classes set up, via My Subjects if you would prefer. 


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