Dashboard - Attendance

The Dashboard area provides information on the whole school's attendance for the academic year to date. The information displayed is taken from the daily registration process.

dashboard attendance.png

Attendance by date

This will show attendance data for the best attended day of the year to date. In the example above, Tuesday was the best attended day of the week.

Lowest attended days

This shows the lowest attended date. In the above example, the 13th and 17th of April were the poorest attended dates.

Pie Chart

This shows the school's attendance data in the form of a pie chart. It will show percentages for present codes, authorised absence, unauthorised absence and late codes.

Please be advised that the figures in the pie chart may not match the attendance reports, as late codes are shown as a separate entity in the pie chart.

They will be included in the present or unauthorised area, dependant on the code in the main attendance reports. Also, X codes are excluded in the Dashboard, but I codes will be in the authorised absence figures.

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