Import historical assessment data from a previous system

This guide is for schools who want to import historic data from another assessment scheme into ScholarPack.

What can be imported?

Moving to ScholarPack

When migrating to ScholarPack, only Statutory Key Stage data (Standardised Assessments and marks for students in these assessments) is migrated.

It is not possible to migrate, upload or import data from previous or external systems because they have different formats in different applications. You also cannot import using a CTF.

Moving data within ScholarPack

We are only able to move assessment data from the Steps area to the Simple Assessment area in ScholarPack. 

Submit your request

Schools supported by ScholarPack

If you would like us to move data from the Steps area to the Simple Assessment area in ScholarPack, click on the Contact Us button in the top right of the Help Centre.

Select "Request Assessment, URN or DfE number change' and then "Assessment Change" in the Change Request Type field.

Please do not email, chat or phone.

Schools supported by a partner

If you are supported by a partner and not ScholarPack directly, you will need to contact your support who can escalate the request on your behalf. The Head Teacher will need to provide written permission to the support partner for the data to be uploaded.

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