Data missing from Student ATF/CTF when importing to ScholarPack

A student ATF or CTF file is imported into ScholarPack via Admin>Students>Full ATF/CTF Importer.


If when trying to import the file you experience an error, please check the following:-

  • Is there a number in brackets at the end of the file name: e.g. 964583_CTF_964538_001 (1). If you can see there is, edit the name of the CTF/ATF to remove the brackets and the number, so you can import it again. 
  • When you were uploading the CTF, was there an Enrol/Merge button in the Action column, or was there a date when the CTF was last imported? If you do not have the option to Enrol/Merge then no additional data will come through in the CTF. You will need to contact ScholarPack to re-set the CTF area so that the Merge button will be available.


Please upload the ATF/CTF file into Admin > Secure Upload so that we can view the file.



Once you have uploaded the file please email to let us know the file placed in Secure Uploads, providing the file name and the error number (if applicable).

Other common reasons for an error message relate to incorrect SEN or Free School Meals (FSM) data entered in the file, which the Support Team will be able to fix for you.


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