Attendance data missing from reinstated Student

When a student is reinstated via Admin > Students > Search Not on Roll, their entry date defaults to the date you click the reinstate button. This means that no attendance data prior to this date will show. 

To retrieve this data, you will have to go to the Students' profile and their extended Tab, scroll down to the Core Information section and using the Entry date area, using the calendar choose the original entry date of the student, scroll to the bottom of the page and save. 

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 16.00.16.png


This will then allow you to print off the previous attendance data using the Attendance tab and the Historic Attendance area.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 16.01.10.png


Once you have found the data you need and printed this, using the format of your choice, you need to then go back into the extended tab and edit the entry date back to the date the student re joined your school. 

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