Attendance Reports and Year End on ScholarPack


Year End Preparation:  Attendance Reports

During the Year End process, at Step 2,  you will be asked to print attendance reports. Please download these reports before you archive your attendance data for the current academic year, for all students in their current academic year and form groups. 

Historical attendance reports are available in ScholarPack, however only broken down into year groups, or for individual students.

Note: It is not possible to report on historic form/registration groups in ScholarPack.

If you do require reports including form/registration group data we would advise printing some of the following reports.  These reports can all be found via Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab):


Attendance by Year/ Form Report

Select the date ranges required (so you can do this termly or over the year - however you require) and it will display the attendance over this period broken down by year group as well as form/registration group.


Custom Attendance Report

In this report you are able to enter a date range required, select to Group Students By Form Group, and you can report on cohorts within the school such as Pupil Premium, EAL etc (do not select multiple Groups though, as only students who meet requirements for the combined categories will display). 

If you are wanting to report on Form/Registration Groups specifically we would suggest running this report before Year End is complete with the filters required. If you run the report and Group Students By Form Group and Student, you will also obtain individual student names in the report.


Click in the column header Form in order to filter all students into Form Group order, as the report defaults to A-Z by student surname for the whole school.  




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