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Within the attendance area is a summary of the student's attendance data from the beginning of the academic year to date, which is populated from the daily attendance register. The page displays information on Daily Attendance StatisticsOverall Statistics, Cumulative Attendance and a Weekly Breakdown, along with various graphical representations. There are also 4 reports available.

Overall Statistics

This summarises key absence codes from the start of the academic year and warns of any gaps in the register which need to be updated. This area displays the data in the form of a table and Pie Chart. It will also show the total number of minutes late for the year to date.

In the coloured key underneath the pie chart, you can click on the text to disable or enable any of the displayed codes so that the pie chart reflects only the codes you select. 

Daily Attendance

The Daily Attendance table shows present, absent and late marks for the week in hand. At the bottom of the table is this week's data. Each circle represents a day of the week with Monday on the left. The circles are split in half, with the left half showing the morning's attendance and the right half showing the afternoon's attendance.

You can see that child's percentage attendance for each day of the week. This will indicate whether there is any concerning pattern of attendance, such as being absent every Friday.   You also have the attendance percentage data displayed in the form of a Bar Chart which is colour coded to flag up these concerns.

Cumulative Attendance

This graph shows attendance recorded this year. It will also show the minutes late per week as a bar chart.

Weekly Breakdown

This shows a weekly breakdown of the student's attendance.  Any dates that are filled with a grey box signify that these dates were before the students entry date at the school and therefore do not need to be populated with an attendance code. The red filled dates are periods where the student should have been at school however an attendance code has not yet been supplied.

Attendance Reports

There are 4 Attendance Reports available:


Attendance Overview:

This report is an individual report for a student summarising attendance to date.  This shows exactly what's on the attendance page and exports to PDF to create an informative, graphical report for the individual child.  This is an excellent resource to show parents.

Attendance Date Range:

This report is filtered between selected date ranges and allows you to include any notes recorded in the register, holidays and if required, a list of register codes.


Attendance History:


This report will allow you to see the historical yearly attendance for the student. 


Attendance Codes:

This will give you a list all the DfE attendance codes for reference.

Attendance Notes:

This table displays any notes that have been recorded as part of the registration process. It will also show the minutes late recorded each day.

Attendance Letters: 

This will show the attendance letters that have been printed for the student.  You can read the content of the letter by selecting the document.



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