The calendar

ScholarPack contains a calendar that can be accessed by all users. You will find it at Home > Calendar.

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Why is my calendar blank? 

If you click on Calendar and are taken to a blank page, please go to Admin > Config > Core Setup > School. Under School Details click on Edit then scroll to the base of the table.


Click in the box next to Check to clear calendar link, then Update to save.


When you return to Home > Calendar your calendar will display correctly. 

How to enter events into the Calendar

Items can be added on a daily basis or as a repeating event. To add an event, click on the green cross. 

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This will open a window that allows you to schedule the event, give it a name, time and whether it is a repeating event. Events can be public or private (not shown to parents).

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By ticking the Repeating Event box you can choose whether it will be daily, weekly or a monthly event, and how many repetitions you would like to schedule in. 

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The Event will then appear in the calendar. Clicking on the event title allows you to see all details or edit any of the information.

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Note: If you are using Google Calendar we are able to frame it within the Scholarpack calendar. This will enable you to access it whilst using ScholarPack. For details click here.

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