Can we manage Parents Evenings in ScholarPack?

ScholarPack does not have a Parent Evening resource but you are able to use a 3rd Party API with Cloud systems that will work with our system.

Please go to Admin > Config > API Configuration to see a list of the companies we link with, further guidance can be found in this area. 

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There are reports that can be run that may be useful for teachers for Parent Evenings for attendance and progress.

  • Reporting > Reports > Attendance (red tab) > Individual Attendance Summary: Here, you can select their year and form and date range and click "Choose" - this will show individual students attendance summaries for their chosen year and form. This can then be downloaded/printed as a PDF and 1 child will show per page. 
  • Reporting > Assessment > Statutory Assessment> KS1 Reports to parents: Here, you can select the Year Group and class and click "Choose." This will produce a report for each child in that year and class with their results for each subject that is recorded in ScholarPack. You can then download/print this, and 1 child will show per page. 
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