Error 1575: Unique learner number (ULN) format incorrect. Either number is less than 10 digits or the check digit is incorrect

This error will arise if the number entered for the student's Unique Learner Number (ULN) is incorrect. 

The ULN,  where present, must be 10 digits AND contain the correct check character.

Please evaluate the current entry for the student's ULN by the following formula: 

1. Multiply the individual digits by their weights as follows:
digit 1 by 10, digit 2 by 9; digit 3 by 8; digit 4 by 7; digit 5 by 6; digit 6 by 5; digit 7 by 4; digit 8 by 3; digit 9 by 2;
2. Sum the individual results, divide the total by 11, and take the remainder.
NOTE if remainder equals zero then reject ULN
3. Subtract the remainder from 10 and this will provide the check digit



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