Query 1741: Based on Ministry of Defence criteria, Service Children (parents designated as personnel category 1 or 2) are not eligible for free school meals

Students who have the Service Child indicator in their profile Extended tab set as 'yes' should not also be marked as eligible of Free School Meals. 

If you receive this error please check if the student is a service child living with the parent who is in the services.

If they are not, you need to amend this in the students profile on the extended tab, under the Service Child Information section and set them to 'No'.


Also check their profile for eligibility for free school meals. If they are a service child they are not eligible for Free School Meals. 

This can be updated on the extended tab of the student profile under the Further Information section.


This is what the DfE says:

Confirmation is not acceptable. As this impacts on pupil premium funding a reason must be provided why a pupil is both FSM and a service child. Please note the pupil must 'live' with the parent who is in the services to be recorded as a service child.

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